ANY ATHLETE, from amateur to professional, individually or in a team, looking to bring their career to the next level, can use RisingTrack to SHARE their story, CONNECT with fans, and ask for their FINANCIAL SUPPORT through our specialized CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM

passion & sport

RisingTrack focuses on the athlete as well as on sport. As we are sporty and passionate, we wanted to create a platform that would reflect our temper. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we favour the athlete who will receive the whole sum of money that has been collected even if the required 100% haven’t been reached. Sport does bring people together ; that’s why Rising Track is committing to fighting any form of discrimination in sport.

Sharing & Community

Thanks to the social networks and the newsfeeds, the contributors and the fans feel involved and can easily follow the evolution of their favourite athlete. For his part, the athlete can share his experience and feel the support he is given. Since RisingTrack is targeting sport, it aims at gathering the athletes of the whole world. Whatever their discipline or level, sports people will share their love for sport as well as their will to go beyond their limits and improve their skills.

Discovery & Support

The collective, global and participatory features of RisingTrack will help discover new athletes, new sports, new fans and supporters. The financial support given to an athlete is of major importance in his career evolution and success. RisingTrack will give the athlete the possibility to improve both the quality and the quantity of his training program. This new source of alternative financing will surely help sports federations as well as other official sports associations.


Morgane Vouche

Co-Founder RisingTrack

Morgane used to be a player of the Red Panthers, the Belgian Women's National Hockey team. She has managed to combine a topsports life with studies in Political Sciences and Public Health. Morgane has later gained experience while working as a Project Manager in the field of improving the quality of hospital environment.

Jérôme Truyens

Co-Founder RisingTrack

Jérôme has been a player of the Red Lions, the Belgian Men's National Hockey Team, for more than 10 years now. He has, among other competitions, participated to the Olympic games of Bejing and of London. Next to his sports activities, Jérôme graduated as a sales engineer at the Solvay Business School of Brussels. On a professional level, Jérôme has specialized in equity funds management.

Thierry Melotte

Co-Founder RisingTrack

Thierry used to play hockey in the Honour Divison of Belgium. He has managed to combine topsport with studies in Sales Engineering. Since then,Thierry has gained experience in the field of audit, Finance Consulting as well as in IT in various sectors.

Chantal Richez

Co-Founder RisingTrack

Chantal used to play hockey as an amateur. She graduated as a sales engineer at the Solvay Business School of Brussels. After 10 years of experience in marketing, she is now working as an SAP consultant.