1PART 1 : Basics

1.1General functioning of Rising Track

1.1.1What is RisingTrack ? +

RisingTrack is a crowdfunding platform based on donations and totally dedicated to sport.

Any sports project promoter (whether a natural person or a legal entity) will be welcomed to launch a campaign on RisingTrack.

Thanks to this platform and the use of the social media and the new technologies, the promoters of sports projects will easily get in touch with the public and the fans. These in turn will be able to support and follow their favourite athlete or team through the platform.

1.1.2Does a donation entitle to a tax certificate? +

Generally speaking, a donation on RisingTrack does not entitle to a tax certificate.

1.1.3What are the costs of functioning of Rising track?+

RisingTrack takes a 10%-commission (excluding VAT) on every donation when the campaign reaches at least 75% of the financial objective.

RisingTrack takes a 14%-commission (excluding VAT) on every donation when the campaign hasn’t reached 75% of the financial objective.

The go-between of the financial transactions management, MangoPay, which is specialized in crowdfunding, charges transaction fees going from 1,8% plus some 0.18 cents fixed costs per donation to 2,5% plus 0.25 cents fixed costs depending on the payment method used by the donator.

The project promoter or Riser receives the contributions that he has collected whatever the % of the financial objective. In other words, even if the project promoter hasn’t reached the financial objective of his campaign, he receives what he has managed to collect.

1.1.4How can you become a partner of Rising track?+

If you wish to become a partner of RisingTrack, please contact us on our mail hello@risingtrack.com

1.2Vocabulary of Rising Track

1.2.1What is a “Riser”? +

A « RISER » is a sports project promoter who launches a campaign on RisingTrack so as to finance his project.

1.2.2What is a “Track”? +

A « TRACK » is the term used to refer to a campaign to be financed launched on RisingTrack.

1.2.3What is a “Tracker“?+

A « TRACKER » is any user who supports one or several projects proposed on RisingTrack through donations to one or several Riser(s).


1.2.1Who has the responsibility of the project? +

RisingTrack helps the project promoter or Riser with the launching of the campaign but, once RisingTrack has validated the campaign, the project promoter is responsible for it.

The project promoter is responsible for the sending of the compensations as well.

1.3.2Does Rising Track guarantee the fulfilment of the project? +

It doesn’t. The raising of funds on RisingTrack in order to launch a project is the entire responsibility of the Riser. Should any personal or external problem stop, delay or modify the initial project, the Riser has to inform the contributors of the problem.

1.3.3Who sends the compensations?+

In exchange for a donation, a Riser can offer some compensations to the donator. The Riser is expected to either send the promised compensations or replace them or pay the donators back (at his own expenses) if he can’t provide the compensations.

2PART 2 : Project Promoters

2.1Who can launch a campaign?+

RisingTrack is a crowdfunding platform specialized in sports projects. Any sports project promoter, whether an 18-year-old natural person or a legal entity, can launch a campaign on RisingTrack.

A sports project promoter can be an athlete, a team, a federation, etc.

2.2What sort of campaigns can be launched?+

RisingTrack contemplates any sports project as for example: the purchase of new outfits, a financial help to a preparation camp abroad, the development of sports infrastructures, a financial help to get nutritional advice or mental coaching…

Sports projects involving extreme challenges, innovating sports projects and solidarity sports projects are also accepted on RisingTrack.

2.3How to define the financial objective?+

The financial objective has to be related to the project, to the number of supporters of the athlete and to the compensations. The project promoter or Riser is advised to make an exhaustive list of all the items to be financed within a set time period.

The team of RisingTrack helps the project promoter or Riser with the launching of the campaign and can in so doing offer some appropriate advice as about his financial objective.

The minimum amount for a campaign is 1,000 euros. There is no maximum amount.

2.4Can I raise more funds than the set financial objective?+

Yes, you can. The fundraising can exceed the financial objective set by the Riser.

2.5How long does a campaign last?+

A campaign lasts a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 45 days.

Studies on crowdfunding have shown that, statistically, short campaigns have better results. Short campaigns build confidence. The project promoters can develop a communication strategy, what will increase the motivation of the donators/ sponsors.

RisingTrack has the right under certain conditions and at any time to modify the remaining duration of any campaign.

2.6Do I have to offer compensations to my sponsors?+

The Riser doesn’t have to offer compensations to the donators. However, it is highly recommended to use that process of compensations so as to build a bond between the project promoter or Riser and his sponsors.

The compensations meet the values of sharing and community defended by RisingTrack.

2.7What kind of compensations can I offer to the sponsors?+

There is a wide variety of possible compensations: a tweet of thanks, a t-shirt with a signature, a customized training, being the ‘special guest ‘ of an event… Originality is of great importance here. The team of Rising Track suggests compensations involving some kind of interaction/meeting with the donators.

The number of compensations is free. However, Rising Track advises to limit this number to 5 to 10 different compensations.

2.8Do I need a video to launch my campaign?+

You don’t need a video to launch your campaign.

However, as sport conveys priceless emotions and feelings, RisingTrack recommends the use of a video: the sponsor is likely to feel the same emotions as the athlete. Besides, the use of a video increases the chances of success of the financing of the campaign.

De plus, l’ajout d’une vidéo augmente considérablement vos chances de réussite du financement d’une campagne.

2.9Does the campaign have to be approved?+

Yes, it does. The campaign proposed by a project promoter or Riser is analyzed by the team of RisingTrack before being validated and put online.

The analysis of the campaign focuses on the quality of its description, on the transparency of the financial objective, on the realistic estimation of the amount to be financed, on the identity of the project promoter and finally on the ethical nature of the campaign.

2.10May I modify the campaign once it has been launched ?+

Not at all. Once the campaign has been approved by the team of RisingTrack, the project promoter or Riser can no longer modify it.

As long as the campaign hasn’t officially been submitted to RisingTrack, the project promoter can save and modify it as often as he wants. Once the campaign has been submitted, the team of RisingTrack can ask the project promoter to bring some corrections to his project. Once the campaign has been validated, it can no longer be modified.

If the Riser wishes to update his campaign with for example his latest sports results, he will have to do it through his social networks, which will be automatically updated on his RisingTack Personal Page.

2.11What kind of photos do I have to use?+

Profile and background pictures are very important and can highly influence the success of a campaign. RisingTrack requires good quality photos and advises every Riser to publish photos related to his project and its sporting atmosphere.

2.12How can I communicate with my sponsors during the campaign?+

The communication between the Riser and his donators is very important for RisingTrack. The Riser can communicate through his social networks (thanks to the use of #risingtrack),which are updated on his RisingTrack Personal Page.

The Riser is highly recommended to give as much information as possible about his sports progress during or after his campaign.

2.13When do I receive the collected funds?+

The collected funds will be transferred on the Riser’s account within 15 days of the end of the campaign.

2.14What happens if the financial objective of my campaign hasn’t been reached?+

Even if the financial objective of the campaign hasn’t been reached, the Riser will receive the money that has been raised.

RisingTrack wants to be a helping platform for the sports people and adheres to the philosophy that any help can make the difference. Rising Track strongly believes that sports people are passionate people and will do their best to fill the gaps.

As an incentive to fix a realistic financial objective, Rising track takes a 10%-commission (excluding VAT) on every donation when the campaign reaches at least 75% of the financial objective. Rising track takes a 14%-commission (excluding VAT) on every donation when the campaign hasn’t reached 75% of the financial objective.

2.15What happens if I get injured and can’t take part to the competition I have collected funds for?+

Lnjuries are part of sport. In case of an injury preventing the Riser to complete the project he has collected funds for, he commits, once he has recovered, to using these funds for another sports project related to the project of his campaign. In case of injury, RisingTrack asks the Riser for transparency and to inform his sponsors of the situation.

2.16Can I cancel the campaign once it has been started?+

No, you can’t. When a project promoter submits a campaign, he has to continue it throughout the fundraising.

3PART 3 : Supporters/ Donators

3.1How can I be sure that a project promoter is actually the person he claims to be? +

RisingTrack requires a copy of both sides of the identity card of the project promoter. RisingTrack verifies the identity and the banking data of every project promoter.

3.2Why should I support an athlete? +

When supporting a campaign, the donator shows his support to the project promoter or Riser. This financial help will give the athlete the opportunity to complete his sporting objective and pursue his dreams. Next to the financial help, the sponsor also gives the project promoter some important moral support, which can be of a great motivation.

When supporting a campaign, the sponsor isn’t just a spectator. He gets involved in the evolution of the athlete(s). He becomes an actor in his sports life.

3.3What are the means of payment that a donator can use? +

RisingTrack favours a payment by credit card, which is easier. The means of payment that the donators can use are: Visa/Maestro/Bancontact/Mister Cash/Master Card.

3.4Is my payment secure? +

The online payment on RisingTrack is totally secure thanks to MANGOPAY. If you decide to pay by credit card, you will be asked to fill in a secure form with your banking data just as for any other online Payment. RisingTrack never gets access to your banking data and doesn’t stock them after your transaction.

3.5Will I get my money back if the project is not completed? +

No, you won’t. Even if the project is not completed, the Riser will receive the money he has collected. When supporting a project, you agree to make a donation which will be given to the project promoter.

3.6Can I get my donation back? +

No, you can’t, except under special conditions. In this case, send us a mail to hello@risingtrack.com.

3.7Can I bring some anonymous contribution? +

Yes, you can. When making the donation, the sponsor can choose to remain anonymous.

3.8Can I support several projects at the same time? +

Of course. You can support as many projects as you want.

3.9What do I have to do if I haven’t received my compensation? +

In exchange of a donation, a Riser can offer some compensations to the donator. The Riser is liable to send the promised compensations or to replace them or to reimburse (at his own expense ) the donators if he can’t offer the compensations.

In case you haven’t received your compensation, you can either contact the Riser through his social networks or send us a mail to hello@risingtrack.com and we will put you in contact with the Riser.

3.10I am a company, can I sponsor a campaign? +

For any question about sponsoring, please, contact us on the address hello@risingtrack.com.